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Turnkey Content Service

Select our Turnkey Content Service and we will provide all content, both text and graphics, to your complete satisfaction. Apart from the approval process, virtually no investment of your time is required.

No missed deadlines!

We will put together each issue of your publication for you, on time, every time.

New clients are asked for key words and phrases relevant to the material they would like to see in their publications. We then set up an Internet search engine for that client which delivers us a constant flow of topical information we use as source material for our articles.

The resulting interesting and relevant articles are submitted to you for approval or change before being included in the final layout. You may also submit your own material for inclusion if you wish.

There is a nominal charge for the Turnkey Content Service ranging from $30.00 - $45.00 per 200 words, depending upon the complexity of the material we are asked to create. However this charge applies only to material we create and provide and not to any material provided by the client.


If you choose to include any of your own content, upon receipt and at no extra charge, our expert editorial team will review your material for any inadvertent errors. We will then submit any suggested changes to you.

A typical 2-pager, with images and formatted for mailing, has about 750-900 words of content (about 1500-1800 for a 4-pager). This could add about $125.00-$200.00 to the cost of each 2-pager, and about $225.00-$400.00 for a 4-pager if you provide no material at all. Less, of course, if you do.

However, since this service is subject to any Frequency and/or Subscription Discounts you may qualify for, this charge could be reduced by as much as 30%.

Click HERE if you would like more information on our Turnkey Content Service.
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